After a visiting a newly displaced Syrian family in their home for coffee, we realized that they too yearned for a personal connection. That they had grown weary of being treated as a number or a statistic. The visit to their home was so lovely for everyone, that we felt that more people needed to experience the same. We decided to help coordinate dinners between refugee families who had recently arrived in America, and the local community.  
Providing a safe space to meet, converse, share a meal and connect. 

WE BELIEVE that the best way to connect with people from
different cultures, is through simple acts of sharing.

Sharing STORIES, HISTORY or SIMPLY sharing a meal TOGETHER. 


Creating a trusted network of individuals and organizations who truly care is our top prioroty. We collaborate with anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about different cultures, connecting communities and providing resources to newly arrived families in need. We are not a non-profit, nor are we affiliated with any organization, religion or political party. We believe everyone has something special to offer and are always looking for volunteers with unique ideas. So shoot us an email and introduce yourself!
We would love to hear from you. 

Compassion and understanding comes in many forms, we think that the power to connect around a dinner table is a great start.
— Suppers With Love