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ONCE YOU RSVP for a dinner, you will be contacted by one of our volunteers, and assigned a Syrian family to share a dinner with along with rules of decorum and cultural expectations.
We recommend groups of 2 - 3 couples per family, so feel free to sign up with friends!
Your group can bring a dessert to share with your host family, and help to welcome
them properly to our community. 

NOTE: Currently working with Syrian refugees in the Southern CA area


 We have partnered with a number of local organizations in the Southern California area, and are happy to connect you with them. Here are some recommended ways you can help if you can't make it to a dinner; become a family mentor, tutor English at a family's home for kids or adults, provide social support (reading mail, utility bills), help with rent or make a tax-deductible donation to any one of these very worthy local organizations helping refugees in SoCal. 

BECOME A FAMILY MENTOR - TIYYA FOUNDATION does great work for the local community by helping find employment, acquiring basic necessities, and/or coaching English. Most importantly, you will be a friend to those starting over. They also offer a free monthly diaper program that has been quite successful. If you would like to become a family mentor we encourage you to do so.

SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS - SABIL USA helps families become empowered and self-sufficient. By making direct contact with the families and assessing each case, they are able to provide psycho-social support, job training and help with utility bills. They also have a widow women's program that helps out many single women and their children. We encourage you to donate. 

HELP WITH HOME RENT - AMERICAN RELIEF FUND helps refugee families pay their rent in Southern California. Every little bit counts and if you are able to give any amount we encourage you to do so as the rent is steep and a hardship for many refugees. If you would like to donate funds to directly support with rent or set up a monthly plan please email us