Nothing unites people together more than sharing a meal.

SUPPERS WITH LOVE is a volunteer-led initiative for recently arrived Syrian refugees in California. Guests break bread with a Syrian refugee family in their home, helping to welcome them into the U.S. and build a stronger community of support. We have built trusted relationships with these families and they have generously agreed to open their homes to us. We help coordinate the dinners and provide a safe space to meet, converse and connect. 

Through these monthly dinner gatherings, we hope to break stereotypes
and misunderstandings, build a supportive community, and most importantly,
let recently arrived Syrian refugee families know we care.

Help us welcome them properly by saying "Hello" over supper. Where
generosity, good health and blessings are served with love. 



The brutal war in Syria has left many displaced families feeling
abandoned and isolated in a foreign country. SHARE A MEAL AND
let them know they are not alone.




ONCE YOU RSVP for a dinner, you will be contacted by one of our volunteers, and assigned a Syrian family to share a dinner with along with rules of decorum and cultural expectations. We recommend groups of 2 - 3 couples per family to keep it intimate. Your group can bring a favorite dessert to share and welcome them properly to our community.

NOTE: Currently working with and serving Syrian refugees in the Southern California area


Integration is not something that we should only ask from people coming into our country. We should ask this of ourselves too.
— Chaim Jellinek (Hosts refugee families in Berlin, from UNHCR)